SARAJEVO, HISTORY OF DIVERSITY AND CONFLICT Sarajevo is steeped in history; starting from the Old Town and working your way out, the Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and finally communist architecture are all present. Sarajevo is where Archduke Franz Ferdinand I, heir to...


We aim to learn from our participants and to improve the ISSS experience. Below are two ISSS testimonies from Nieve and Severine.

ISSS alumni

The number of alumni of ISSS is growing each year. Bellow are the names a universities of ALMUMNI to this date. Please mind that a significant number of our alumni has continued with their studies. Ainta Dervishi Albania University of Piraeus, Athens/Greece...


International Summer School Sarajevo is dedicated to explore the effect transition had on legal systems of South-east European countries to respond to human rights challenges which where prevalent in the past. It will focus on transitional justice mechanisms as a holistic tool to respond to these issues.

Transitional justice is an approach to systematic or massive violations of human rights that both provides redress to victims and creates or enhances opportunities for the transformation of the political systems, conflicts, and other conditions that may have been at the root of the abuses. This is an inter-disciplinary topic which includes elements of law, human rights, politics, economy and history to name few.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in transition and a place where different mechanisms of transitional justice were applied. Building on the experience of the country and the entire region the participants will focus on lessons learned for other countries facing comparable transitions.

ISSS is designed to challenge all participants to engage with all lecturers since this summer school is participant oriented. Participation matched with the outstanding backgrounds of ISSS participants is what makes this summer school unique.

Rule of law, human rights and transitional justice have always been at the heart of contemporary debates and this region has much to offer. A significant per cent of ISSS alumni has decided to write or work on these topics and even to stay in this region.

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