SARAJEVO, HISTORY OF DIVERSITY AND CONFLICT Sarajevo is steeped in history; starting from the Old Town and working your way out, the Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and finally communist architecture are all present. Sarajevo is where Archduke Franz Ferdinand I, heir to...


We aim to learn from our participants and to improve the ISSS experience. Below are two ISSS testimonies from Nieve and Severine.

ISSS alumni

The number of alumni of ISSS is growing each year. Bellow are the names a universities of ALMUMNI to this date. Please mind that a significant number of our alumni has continued with their studies. Ainta Dervishi Albania University of Piraeus, Athens/Greece...

Health Insurance

It is mandatory for all participants to have adequate health insurance for the duration of their stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a condition of their participation in the program. Participants will be responsible for taking out their own insurance policy, and to also make sure their insurance covers emergency medical costs during their stay in.

Please note that the organizers cannot help you in evaluating you insurance policy, therefore you need to consult your insurance provider for such information.