SARAJEVO, HISTORY OF DIVERSITY AND CONFLICT Sarajevo is steeped in history; starting from the Old Town and working your way out, the Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and finally communist architecture are all present. Sarajevo is where Archduke Franz Ferdinand I, heir to...


We aim to learn from our participants and to improve the ISSS experience. Below are two ISSS testimonies from Nieve and Severine.

ISSS alumni

The number of alumni of ISSS is growing each year. Bellow are the names a universities of ALMUMNI to this date. Please mind that a significant number of our alumni has continued with their studies. Ainta Dervishi Albania University of Piraeus, Athens/Greece...


You are responsible to take care about you own travel arrangements.

If travelling by car, consider the option of travelling together. Bus and train station are not far away from the dormitories so you can simply take a 15 min walk. If you're flying to Sarajevo, check with your ISSS fellows their itinerary. Chances that some of you will arrive with the same plane are quite high since Sarajevo Airport is not so big and there aren't many connections, so you can share a cab. Unfortunately, that would be the only way to get to get to the dormitories since there is no shuttle or public transport to get you there.


BiH currency is convertible mark/ KM or BAM. (1 Euro = 1,95 KM). It's easy to exchange Euros to convertible marks in many different banks in Sarajevo. Euro is not generally accepted, especially coins.


Throughout the entire summer school in the hostel lobby you will find the info desk, which will be available to answer all your questions and provide necessary information. All announcements (changes to the agenda, shuttle service etc.) will be displayed on info desk. Also, possible modifications will be announced each morning before the lectures.