Kemal Pervanić

Kemal Pervanic is a survivor of the notorious Omarska concentration camp, which was set up by Bosnian Serb forces in the early days of the Bosnian War. The camp, nominally an ‘investigation centre’, was uncovered by British journalists in 1992, leading to international outrage and condemnation. Kemal now lives in England, he is the founder of Most Mira charity and is the author of The Killing Days: My Journey Through the Bosnian War.

His film “Pretty Village” examines survivors are rebuilding their lives and homes whilst their former neighbors and friends in the Serbian villages all around them remain in denial about what happened.

Kemal Pervanić


What is Most Mira?

We are a charity that works in the UK and Bosnia Herzegovina to bring together children and young people to make friends across ethnicities and celebrate diversity in the Prijedor area, northern Bosnia Herzegovina.

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