We provide opportunities to students to gain knowledge of contemporary topics and skills usually not provided at Universities at a national, regional and international level.

Ever since 2006, Association “Pravnik” has organized the International Summer School Sarajevo in strategic partnership with Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Rule of Law Programme for South-East Europe. At the time there were limited opportunities for students from South-East Europe to take part in exchange programs or non-formal education abroad. Recognizing the importance of non-formal education, members of the association have organized the first summer school in 2006, bringing students and lecturers from around the world to Sarajevo. Today, the International Summer School is accredited by the University of Sarajevo Faculty of Law and is dedicated to explore the effect transition had on legal systems of South-east European countries to respond to human rights challenges which were prevalent in the past. It focuses on transitional justice mechanisms as a holistic tool to respond to these issues.

In 2013, we partnered with the Humanitarian Law Center (Serbia) and Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo in organizing the Regional School for Transitional Justice for participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia. The regional component contributes to a cohesion between individual activists and professionals, as well as organizations in the region, enabling them to act together and facilitating the process of peace-building. The school raised awareness of its participants about the importance of accepting the facts about the armed conflicts of the 1990s by all post-Yugoslav nations and by providing them with the knowledge about the facts, empowered them to spread that awareness further in their communities and countries.

At the initiative of an alumnus of the International Summer School Sarajevo, together with other academics and human rights lawyers, “Pravnik” partnered to organize the International Summer School “Current Legal Issues in Post-Conflict and Transitional Societies” with the first edition held in 2019 on Cyprus. This initiative aims at compiling those studies and bringing together academics focused on post-conflict societies from different disciplines and to introduce a holistic knowledge of studies on post-conflict societies.

After a successful program in Romania (since 2009), the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Rule of Law Programme for South-East Europe reached out to “Pravnik” to partner in organizing the program Leaders for Justice Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the first generation completing the program in 2020. Through the program talented young legal professionals are trained to become leaders in their field, to equip them with essential leadership skills, project management abilities, as well as substantive knowledge about democracy, rule of law, justice and especially professional ethics.

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